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Apple Mac Data Recovery Services by Certified Technicians

Apple has created state-of-the-art devices with incredible designs as well as strong data protection. Apple offers international warranty allowing the users to replace their faulty devices in case of failure.

Replacing a device does not solve the problems with data loss caused by MAC device failure. And here comes CompuRecovery: Apple Authorized Data Recovery Service Provider. Our specialists are able to recover lost data from any Apple device without voiding your Apple warranty.

As Apple authorized data recovery service provider we possess all necessary permissions and certificates allowing us to work with Apple devices.

Apple devices are rather reliable in terms of electronics, materials, and firmware. However, even they suffer from unexpected failures, shutdowns, restarts that may cause data loss.

Almost all Apple devices have so-called solid body design that store data on SSDs. All of this implies additional difficulties with data recovery from Apple devices. Fortunately, CompuRecovery experts have enough experience to solve the problems with MAC design and its MAC OS/IOS software architecture.

We are able to recover data from: MAC OS X servers, desktop computers, laptops, time capsules, iPads, iPods/iPhones and any other Apple devices. With excellent security credentials, the best turnaround times and industry-leading success rates we offer the best Apple repair and recovery services possible.

CompuRecovery is really proud of its Apple MAC Certified Technicians who have elaborated special procedures for Apple MAC data recovery. Together with advanced equipment and certified cleanrooms these procedures help us to achieve the highest success rate in data recovery.

We offer services for every Apple device including laptops, desktops, iPhones and more.

CompuRecovery advantages

CompuRecovery has a 90 percent success rate when it comes to recovering data from Apple devices. However, Apple MAC data recovery largely depends on how you have treated your device after the failure. If you have found that your Apple device is damaged do not try to repair it on your own but contact our support service at 1-866-424-5123.